Preserved prehistoric glorious region of Ceylon enhancing with proud rulers and marvelous ancient technology

Located in the north central province of Srilanka the great Anuradhapura kingdom was the first established kingdom among the Srilankan Sinhalese  people. The Anuradhapura became the capital of Srilanka during the time of 4th Buddhists century, while it remained its capital position for 15 years.  It is also believed that this great city was once considered as one of a major trade center of various goods throughout the  whole Asia. On the other hand the name Anuradhapura has been bounded up with a great ancient story with the first traveler to island Prince Vijaya. It is said that there was a minister named “Anuradha” who came with prince Vijaya along from India with a companion of hundreds of people, building  this kingdom with the name of Anuradhapura as a contribution towards the companion . The  Anuradhapura kingdom was founded by King Pandukabhaya during the time period of 377 Buddhists century while ruling and extending its authority all over the country. The king Pandukabhaya played a major role in developing an exciting core town built up through a highly planned designed city during his period of ruling.

On the other hand according to the ancient chronicle it is also said that during this time period the emperor of India King Ashoka became a Buddhists and sent his son Mahinda and Sangamita who was Buddhists priest at the time in the determination of  spreading the Lord Buddha’s word worldwide. The Buddhism was first introduced to Srilanka during the period of King Devanampiya Tissa in the 4th Buddhists century. After the arrival of the priests the Buddhism played a strong role  Anuradhapura kingdom influencing its method of governance, rules, culture and its law. During the region of King Devanampiya Tissa he built the first stupa in Srilanka named Thuparama which is believed to house the sacred right collar bone of the Lord Buddha building up faith towards the Buddhism. The King Devanampiya Tissa has also arranged for planting the sacred Bo sapling brought by Princess Sangamita. In the present the this sacred venerated Bodhi tree is considered to be the oldest  living tree from all around the world. Over the time the Srilankan culture and the society strengthens it faith and belief towards Buddhism with the arrival of the sacred Tooth relic of Lord Buddha. However during this time with the threaten occurred by the south Indian invaders the sacred relic was sent to Kingdom of Kandy. Throughout this period various rulers such as Dutugamini, Valagamba, Dhatusena, Gajabahu I involved in various military missions in the determination of protecting Anuradhapura Kingdom from south Indian invaders.

It is also believed that these rulers were expected to protect Buddhism in Srilanka, therefore these kings engaged in building various cultural buildings and Buddhists structure such as, Jethavana stupa, Abhayagiri, Mahavihara, Ruwanweli Maha seya and Lovamahapaya are just a few to mention in which they preserve its best to the present date representing the advance sculptural and architectural structure technologies used. During this period of time the Kingdom of Anuradhapura was fulfilled with abundance of agricultural activities, while noble kings such as Mahasena and Vasabha built large canals, water tanks and  reservoirs in order to supply plenty of water to all the plantations across the city. The construction of the marvelous irrigation system has become one of a major achievement in Anuradhapura Kingdom. These constructions are examples of the exciting engineering technologies used centuries ago making each and every drop of rain water to be collected for further use. The most famous irrigational tank in Anuradhapura kingdom is the Bassawakulama tank built by King Pandukabhaya. Over the time several reservoirs such as Thissa Wewa and Nuwara wewa was built by various kings centuries later. The great Anuradhapura city not only became the capital of Srilanka but it also became the only center for learning Buddhism and culture in this amazing Island Srilanka.