An ancient Kingdom of Srilanka with abundance of attractions from the polished scholar of the rulers in the Gampola era

Located in the central province of Srilanka closer to an one of most sacred city of Kandy the Kingdom of Gampola has being a prominent capital city of Srilanka during the time period of fourteenth century. The Kingdom of Gampola plays a main role in the Srilankan history and the state of Srilankan Sinhala rulers between the time period of between 1314 to 1415 AD. The first King to rule the Gampola Kingdom was the King Buwanekabahu IV, the son of the great King Vijayabahu V. With the information on the ancient chronicles it is said that the King vijayabahu V shifted the Kingdom of Kurunegala to the Kingdom of Gampola with the help of the general Senalankadhikara in the determination of protecting their selves from foreign invaders. It is also said that after the death of the great King Vijayabahu V his brother known as King Parakramabahu IV ruled the Kingdom of Gampola, however it is also believed that later the King Parakramabahu IV was dethroned by the son of King Buvanekabahu IV in order to assist the ruling power of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Gampola was ruled by the King Buvanekabahu V for more than 29 years hence he has proudly been the last King to rule the Gampola Kingdom. According to the ancient legends one of a most unique feature in the Kingdom of Gampola residing it with the other Kingdoms was that the chief ministers of the country has more ruling power than the Kings who ruled various Kingdoms from all around the country. One of a most famous chief minister during the Gampola era was the chief Senalankadhikara who was one of a significant character during the construction of the Gampola Kingdom. Along with the legends it is mentioned that the “Aryacakravartis” from south India was one of a most powerful threat to the whole island including the Kingdom of Gampola.

During the Gampola era the King Vikramabahu III brought the sacred Tooth relic of the Lord Buddha to the Kingdom of Gampola hence subjecting a massive do mantic festival in the honor of the Tooth relic. With the arriving of the Tooth relic the Kingdom of Gampola started to flew up with the Buddhists Dharma which made several Kings to engage in building massive temples and Buddhists monasteries in the determination of paying honor towards the Lord Buddha. The constructions include the rock temple known as Gadaladeniya, a massive shrine at Niyangampaya, Lankathilaka Raja Maha Viharaya, Ambakke Dewalaya are just a few to mention which was built by the great King Vikramabahu III undergoing through the request of the noble chief Senalakadhikara. Among the ruins and monuments remaining to the present day while preserving its best includes the stunning Shila Lekhana or the ancient stone scripts holding an uncountable value and vital information regarding the ancient history of the Gampola Kingdom. On the other hand the Ambekka Dewalaya houses hundreds of marvelous wood carvings and has been sacred enough to be one and only place in Srilanka housing prehistoric wood carvings. Lying in the realms of the Mahaweli river the Kingdom of Gampola is situated among the central highlands surrounding gigantic rocks and mountains covered with thick forest enhancing its natural beauty to a picture perfect view. The Kingdom of Gampola has been one of a most famous prehistoric site in the present day reflecting the unique and powerful features of the Srilankan history.