An era bounded up with a vast and valuable constructions reflecting its value to its present day

Hiding through an ancient valuable ruined city, located in the region of Kurunegala the Kingdom of Dambadeniya has played a main role in the history of Srilanka. Being the capital of the country for more than five decades during the time period of between 1220 to 1345 which has been ruled under the great King Vijayabahu III. Being the eldest son of King Parakramabahu II the King Vijayabahu II played a main role in the Kingdom of Dambadeniya making it one of the most prosperous and highly developed Kingdom in Srilanka.

According to the ancient legends it also mentions that the King Vijayabahu III has done an valuable service towards Buddhism by uniting Sangha which has been spread all around the island while Srilanka was ruled by King Kalinga Magha during the time period of 1226 in the determination of bringing the peace among all the Buddhists in Srilanka. It is also believed that the noble King Vijayabahi III has brought the sacred Tooth relic of Lord Buddha to the Kingdom of Dambadeniya during the Dambadeniya era. It is said the honorable Tooth relic was kept in the great Vijayasundararama temple at Dambadeniya which has been built by King Vijayabahu during his time period of ruling. With the information written on the great chronicles it is also believed that King Vijayabahu III has built a massive royal palace on the summit of a giant rock in Dambadeniya Kingdom in order to protect the Kingdom against south Indian invaders. However it is also said that after the assassination of the great King Vijayabahu III his brother named Bhuvanekabahu became the ruler of Dambadeniya Kingdom. On the other hand later the King Bhuvanekabahu has felt unsecure in the Kingdom of Dambadeniya among the foreign invaders. Among all the conflicts and several dissidents the King Bhuvanekabahu I has shifted his Kingdom into the fortress of Yapahuwa rock making it his permanent residence during the later 13 century in between the time periods of 1273 to 1284. It is also mentioned that the King built a royal palace at the giant rock fortress which is stronghold enough against military attacks.

Situated in the North Western province of Srilanka the Kingdom of Dambadeniya is considered as a golden era of Sinhalese literature. The Kingdom of Dambadeniya has several important literature tools used in the Srilankan history such as, Thupavamsa and Pansiya panas Jathakaya written during the era of Dambadeniya. It is also can be seen to the present day several valuable historic books written in several languages as, Sanskrit and Pali. The valuable historic ruins and monuments are preserving their best to the present day in the region of Dambadeniya Kingdom, hence some still lies buried deep under the massive fortified rocks. Within the ruins it also houses several visible palace complex foundations, city walls, moats, gardens, while stunning painting bounded up with a history of 18 century has played an interesting role in the present day. Being located just around 30 kilometers from one of main city Kurunegala the Kingdom of Dambadeniya has no doubt that had been both primarily and secondarily has played one of an important role in the history of this marvelous island Srilanka.