A Kingdom ruled by proud great empires of all time, protecting the Sacred Tooth relic of The Lord Buddha

Located in the central province in the eastern site of Srilanka the Kingdom of Kandy was known to be one of a main independent monarchy in the marvelous island of Srilanka. With the evidences and folk stories it shows that the Kingdom of Kandy had played an important era in the Srilankan history. The history of Kandy Kingdom runs up to a long history of that from Ramayana period. During this period of time the Kingdom of Kandy was called by several names such as, Malaynadu, Mandalaya, Senkadagalapura and Malaya Deshaya are just a few to mention. It is also mentioned that during the period of Ramayana time tribes of Yaksha, Naga and Raksha has been living in the area of Malaya Deshaya. The Kingdom of Kandy was founded during the time period of 15th century in the region of Vikramabahu III. It is also believed that King Sena SammathaWickramabahu was the first King to rule the Kingdom of Kandy during the time period between 1473 to 1511, making the marvelous Senkadagala as the main city of Kingdom of Kandy. Over the time the Kingdom of Kandy was gradually developing into an independent state ruled by various kings from different kingdoms such as Kingdom of Kotte, Kingdom of Jaffna, Dutch, Portuguese and much more. After the defeat of King Vijayabahu who rule the Kingdom of Kandy along with the Kingdom of Kotte during the period of 1521, the leadership of Mayadunne forced a great threat to all the Kingdoms in Srilanka. However according to the ancient legends and chronicles Portuguese won the battle and invaded the Kingdom of Kandy in the period of 1546.

It is also said that the Kandy Kingdom was subsequently lent back again to the Jaffna Kingdom against the Portuguese in the period of 1560. After protecting the Kingdom of Kandy from number of invaders a honorable ruler named “Konappu Bandara” who were later came to known as King Vimaladharmasuriya I built up his authority in this noble Kandy Kingdom by bringing the sacred Tooth relic of Lord Buddha to a place named Delgamuwa in the region of Kandy. It is also mentioned that after the arrival of the sacred Tooth relic the Kingdom of Kandy was established and converted into a Buddhists civilization which is worshiped and bounded up with thousands of Buddhists pilgrims and devotes. The Kingdom of Kandy was known to be the capital city of Srilanka from the time of 1473 to 1815 making it one of a main reason for bringing the sacred Tooth relic of the Lord Buddha. Located at an elevation of around 465 meters above the sea level the capital city of this Kingdom is known as Kandy. Covered with a stunning mountain range and thick forests respectively providing a gorgeous base to the sacred Sri Dalada Maligawa housing the noble Tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Surrounded with an artificial lake named Kandy lake built up my honorable past rulers of the Kingdom. Bounded up with a marvelous history and developed along with a valuable deed of Tooth relic, the Kingdom of Kandy has been one of a main region which has played a great role in the history of this amazing island Srilanka.