A region with a history running through the developed ramparts of the present day to a magnificent prehistoric ancient Kingdom

In the present day it has become one of a fact which is bit doubtful to believe that Kotte has been one of a major Kingdom in Srilanka centuries ago. Been a suburban of Colombo the Kotte has become one of major business and developed hub in Srilanka. The Kingdom of Kotte was the capital of Srilanka during the time period of between 1415 to 1565 AD in which the last King of Srilanka King Parakrama Bahu VI ruled during this period. It is believed that the Kingdom of Kotte was originally founded during the period of 1370 – 1385 by a minister named Alakesvara from the clan of Alagakkonara in the region of Gampola Kingdom. However it is also said that during the period of King Parakramabahu VI, he made Sri Jayawardanepura as the capital of this Kotte Kingdom in which the parliament complex can be found in the present day. During the period of his ruling the King did a major role in developing and building a new royal palace complex and upgraded the exciting citadel to fulfill the needs of the people in this region. The royal palace complex of the Kotte Kingdom was eulogized as one of a most significant five storied building made up of stunning luminous blue stone in the message poetry of Kotte called “Sandeshas”. According to the ancient legends it is also said that the royal palace complex of Kotte Kingdom was decorated by one of an important moonstone known as “Sandakada Pahana”. Even to the present day the ruins of the palace can be found from areas around Kotte such as, grinding stones, water filters, dagoba shape monuments made of Kabok stones, structure of King Parakramabahu VI are just a few to mention of. It also show the significant evidences of a tunnel which includes several openings that led to protect themselves during the enemy attacks, however in the present day the remaining of this massive tunnel can be seen beyond the Kotte local school. The Kotte Raja Maha Viharaya has been one of a famous historical site among the Srilankan history. Built by king Parakramabahu IV and believed to be destroyed by Portuguese during the time period of 1813. After the destruction done on the temple by the Portuguese it is still houses several ancient ruins and monuments enhancing the valuable history of Srilanka.

On the other hand it is believed that the name Kotte has been built up from a Tamil word named “Kottai” which means the castle. It is also said that the name Kotte was bounded up on this Kingdom once completing the building of the marvelous royal palace complex. According to the ancient incidents it is said that the Kingdom of Kotte was threaten by the Portuguese invaders after the arrival of Portuguese to Srilanka in 1505. During this time period the Portuguese invaders were successful enough to convince the King Parakramabahu in the determination of building a castle in order to continue with their merchants and trading between Srilanka and other countries. This marvelous Kingdom is covered and hence protected with a massive swamp named ” Diyawana Oya” in the present day, however it is believed to be used as one of a major object of protecting the Kingdom during the arrival of invaders from all around the world. It is also a mysterious fact that a giant kingdom has been survived closer to the present day busy hub Colombo which has once ruled the whole island.