The Kingdom of heaven with a proud stunning history of great strong rulers in Srilanka

The kingdom of Polonnaruwa known as the Srilanka’s second most prominent ancient capital country in the Srilankan history. The sacred city of Polonnaruwa was later declared as an UNESCO world heritage site with the valuable and noble historic remains existing its best to the present date. Located in the North central province with a high capacity of archaeological and natural beauty adjoining hence been one of a best preserved historic cities in the world. The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa is considered as the fifth administrative center of Rajarata, another name for the northern central province of Srilanka. The Polonnaruwa kingdom was one of a best region being rich with number of noble rulers who ruled the kingdom from the time period of 11th century to 1310 century. According to the ancient legends and chronicles it is said that the King Chola Rajarajan who has captured Kingdom of Anuradhapura during the time period of 1017 century, as a result of the battle towards the invaders from India. However over the time he decided to captured the region of Polonnaruwa in the determination of making it the capital. Being succeeded in capturing this area he successfully ruled Srilanka form being in the capital of Polonnaruwa for more than 52 years. In the other hand it is also said that the King Chola Rajarajan also named the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa in the name of “Jananathmangalam”. Later it is also said that the great King Vijayabahu defeated King Cholas and regained the ruling power of Polonnaruwa Kingdom. It is also believed that there were several Kings who have ruled this marvelous Kingdom such as, Vijayabahu I, Parakramabahu, Parakrama Pandyan II and Kalinga Magha are just a few to mention. Out of all these great Kings mentioned above, the King Kalinga Magha has made city of Polonnaruwa into a developed site making an important settlement in the Polonnaruwa Kingdom.

The chronicles of the Srilankan history shows that several Kings who ruled the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa has been engaged in international trading between other countries, building up a great interfere between foreign counties. It is also mentioned that Buddhism has played a main role in the Polonnaruwa era, on the other hand it is also believed that Hinduism has played a strong role in the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa during the period of King Cholas. Later with the defeat of the King Cholas the King Parakramabahu I and Vijayabahu has played a main role in building number of temples, monasteries and various sacred Buddhists sites. With the impact of Buddhism in this sacred site these rulers built vast amount of Buddhists schools in the determination of spreading the Dharma word all around this noble island. The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa has been one of a famous historical site due to its stunning and mysterious architectural features and irrigational constructions such as, Parakrama Samudraya tank ,Giritale tank, Minneriya tank, and Elahara canal are just a few to mention of. Remaining of ancient famous monuments and ruins include, Potgul Vehera believed to be built by great King Parakramabahu during the time period of between 1153 – 1186 AD making it one of a most sacred site for housing the relic of the Lord Buddha’s Tooth. It also shows the ruins of Vatadage which has been built centuries ago.  The Gal Viharaya, Lankathilaka image house, Thivanka image house, statue of King Parakumbha are just a few to mention of.