The world's most sacred oldest survived living tree full of magical blessings

The sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi is considered to be the oldest historical surviving tree in the world known to be certainly planted as a cutting from the great Bodhi tree which runs more than 245 years back to the Buddhist century. Located in the great Anuradhapura adding more value to the cultural and ancient city. The Sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi is full of both spiritual and physical sense.

In the present day it has been one of the most sacred relics which is worshipped and made offerings daily by thousands and thousands of Buddhist all around the world. Over the time it has become a traditional custom for pilgrims to visit and observe homage annually in the other hand since the immoral the care takers of this sacred site pays various offerings daily basis. Another main reason that this sacred site has been famous among local visitors are because they believe that the vows made on the great Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi has a real impact on their life along with the marvelous blessings such as; there has been a long tradition that the farmers from the various parts of the country used to offer a portion of their first paddy harvest as paying a respect towards the great Bodhi tree and to gain its blessings.

Alike all the other sacred sites in Anuradhapura the great Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi is also bounded up with a exciting history. According to the great chronicles of Srilanka, the Theri Sangamitta, daughter of the Indian emperor Ashoka has been sent to Srilanka with a branch of the sacred Bodhi tree in India after the Buddha’s enlightenment. It is also known to be the southern branch of the great Bodhi tree in India. As well as the Srilankan chronicles also mentioned that the great Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi was considered as the living Buddha by the ancient kings who used to rule the Island. The ruins and the valuable monuments around the Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi are great evidences of the various steps used to protect it while enclosing four entrances at four cardinal points making it easier for devotees.

Other than the traditional belief and the great offerings attracting thousands of visitors each day, the unique architectural structure and its special archeological features attracts tourists in large number. With a height of around 30 feet and a diameter of around 8 feet the trunk of this great tree is divided up into three main trunks. The great Siri Maha Bodhi tree is planted in 21feet height above the ground level in a special shrine named “Uda Malluwa”. Next to the shrine is the “Ran Veta” which is also known as the gold railing and it has been used for the supporting and the protection of this great tree. However moving to the southern side of the great Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi is the ruins of the ancient building called “Mayura Monastery” which shows the mysterious architectural technology used by ancient Srilankan people.

The magical golden sunset is the best time of the day to visit this great site. Along with the great spiritual aspiring and witnessing the magical relaxation among this sacred site the great Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi has been a common place attracting uncountable number of tourists each day.