Sri Lanka is one of the most interesting and exciting Island located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. It’s beautiful, chaotic, and mind blowing melting pot of culture and history which we can almost inhale the smell of diversity, Breathe the spirituality and lot of amazing places to explore a world of cool culture on a short trip. Some people might get a question of what are the best places to travel in Sri Lanka. And here it is, the great top picks which have a magnetically power to attract visitors are;

Rock Fortress Sigirya – It is an unbelievable place with something random and amazing around every corner. The rock Fortress at Sigiriya is basically a giant volcanic rock that our ancient kings magically turned into a ostentatious military residence which thunder cats live here around 2000 years ago. There are the remains of an epic ancient painting, manmade moats, ground level summer gardens and much more breath taking ancient technological developments. The magical remaining ruins will always leave us a doubt about out ancient technologies used to develop such a great military residence years ago.

Crumbling temples, lost cities and sacred sites are reason enough to head up country to the cultural heartland of Sri Lanka.

Ancient City of Polonnaruwa – Will be quite interesting for ruin geeks with a strong desire of learning and experiencing the ancient kingdoms. Throughout history Sri Lanka has moved its capital usually to protect our country for Europe invaders. Polonnaruwa has been the capital of Sri Lanka about 1000 years ago. It’s an Amazing site to wander and imagine the heights of its olden time power or lush of tropical ruins covered by the signs of early colonialists. The glories of that age can be Cleary found in archeological treasures which give us a pretty good idea of how the city looked in the heyday.

Yala National Park – Srilanka is gifted with lot of fantastic rainforest national parks all over the country, while Yala National park plays a main role in tourist attraction. Providing home for more than hundreds of different spices including; leopards, elephants, warthogs, birds and much more to mention with hand in facilities for safari.

Arugam Bay – Arugam Bay is famous for attracting the tourists at heart from all around the world to surf and engage in other beach activities. Many of them make Arugam Bay their home during the surfing period which is from April to October. With the ocean set in blue and you with a fresh drink in their hand ready for relaxing stay, then this would be the right place. The warm sandy beaches are far too irresistible to pass on a tan. Lined with a string of alluring hotels, restaurants and seafood dining’s in all sizes and standards. It is not only the breath taking ocean safari but fun on the beach is equally pleasurable.

Dambulla Cave Temple – Its essentially five adjacent caves filled with glorious heritics from our nation. Each cave filled with colourful statues carved into the surronding rocks. The largest cave contains 16 standings Buddha’s is highly offesnisve. The cavees are spiritually powered and are still funtioning temples. Inside the caves are covered with paintings which shows the anicent impact on Buddhisam over centuries. Walking through the temple can give us a feeling like immersing ourself in a world of spiritual history.