It’s not just the biting winter of the northern hemisphere that drives hordes of tourists to Srilanka in December. It’s also the allure of unbelievable beautiful scenery and warm sun gracing the gold island. With the changing of the monsoons, many good things is about to come.

What’s on the list of December, as a dream holiday destination Srilanka has so much to offer, whether it’s a wildlife safari tour, a tropical sandy beach vacation, a tour of mystical ancient ruin, an alluring adventure tour, or wedding and honeymoon tour to an enchanting hotels in srilanka full of tropical delights in a way of lobsters, prawns, are just a few to mention all cooked in the fiery exotic Srilankan style.

There are so many thrilling and exciting wildlife safaris you can choose from. You all will experience our unique ever smiling mix of peoples and cultures, while being able to get a great pleasure by seeing lot of elephants, birds and a mix of animal which are unique to Srilanka. Taking dozen of photographs are something not to forget off. Wide range of national parks, nature reserves and safari lodges has been established throughout Srilanka, covering vas areas of bio diverse territories, all the way from Willpattu national park in the north to Yala national park in the south. December is the perfect time to see massive herd of elephants at Udawalawe national park and to see the largest leopards in the world, ostentatious of peacocks at Yala national park.

With miles of sunny sandy beaches in Srilanka, it is more than tough to select a perfect beach to spend December vacation. As the oceans all over the world gets cold, pods of dolphins and whales pass by Srilanka in search of warm water. It’s quite Amazing beyond description, especially when you have a chance to see Blue whales and even friendliest dolphins waving over the sea. Kalpitiya is the best beach to go on whale watching boat tours.

Be awed by what we have achieved nearly thousand years ago by this magical small island, tour around ancient mystical ruins standings, walking along the immense earthen bunds across many miles forming reservoirs so large that they can make even the modern engineers wonder how all of it was achieved. Anuradhapura one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world, It has clear evidences of representing unique and specific way to the ancient Sinhalese civilizations architectural and irrigation prowess. While Dambulla cave temple is the home for most acclaimed cave complex of magnificent Buddha images and rock paintings of vivid colors constructed and painted centuries ago. December is a very special month in Srilanka indeed, as it is the best time of the year to join the pilgrims to the Adams Peak which is considered as one of the most honorable place in Srilanka.

There are diverse of opportunities awaiting in Srilanka for Keen hikers in the luscious hill county. The attractive area of Diyathalawa and Haputale provides a base from which to try out a wide variety of hiking and trekking tours. Another key attraction are the rivers and numerous waterfalls that  allows hikers to enjoy a refreshing journey.

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