A seaward Esplanade Located in the Commercial hub with a fabulous view facing the Indian Ocean

Galle face green is a mysteriously magical place to witness the golden bright sunset in Srilanka, making it one of the most popular destination for children, teenagers, kite flyers, and all those who want to spend some time relaxing while inhaling the salty wind under the clear blue sky. Galle face green has been one of a main place where lot of travelers ends up to cherish there evenings having a unforgettable walk along the green path while enjoying wide varieties of spicy exotic street foods such as; Prawns cutlets, seafood’s and much more, and having an ice cream if not forgotten to beat the shining sun. Without a doubt Galle face green has been one of the most wonderful place to stay in the pleasure of breeze coming off the ocean and witnessing the evening sinking the whole city in crimson red.

The Galle face green located in the heart of financial and business district of Colombo making it another point for making it famous place among both local and international visitors. Stretching for over five hectares along the coast bounded to the north by Beira Lake. Earlier in the 19 century the Galle face green has been one of a most famous place for horse racing during the time of British governors. Over that time the Galle face green was a marshy area and filled with earth and leveled for the horse racing purpose, while at that time it was known as Colpetty race course. Over centuries ago the Galle face green has been used for various leisure purposes such as; Cricket, Gold and rugby.

Currently the Galle face green can be found a ribbon strip located in the area of between Galle road and the Indian Ocean, and known to be the largest open area in the Colombo district. Galle face green is covered with number of star class hotels making it a best destination for tourists who visit to explore the wonders of this small island Srilanka. There are large hotels located in the border strip of the Galle face green like; Galle face hotel and intercontinental hotel. The magnificent Galle face hotel which expose the marvelous architectural base along with a history of more than 100 years making it one of the most colonial hotel in Srilanka. It has proudly provided the shelter for most of great royalists such as, Duke of Edinburgh and much more. The hotel is consisting with a hotel museum which represent many of the valuable items that longs from a history of more than hundreds of years.

The Galle face green is administrated and maintained by the Urban Development Authority of Srilanka in which they plays a main role in maintaining the premises as per thousands of travelers are visiting the Galle face each and every day. On Saturdays and Sundays the premises is full of families, teenagers, food vendor and picnickers making the Galle face green looks like a wonderland full of joy, relaxation and harmony.

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