"To plant a garden is believe left for tomorrow" making it a most valuable enchanted place in Srilanka!

Is there any person who will regret walking through a garden inhaling the fresh exotic smell which comes from thousands of flowers bloom together all around? Obviously No. A leisurely walk through the Hakgala botanical garden will give us the same rewarding experience throughout our journey through the park. Located at the base of the Hakgala rock peak, situated around ten kilometers to south from Nuwaraeliya is a wonderland full of pleasure and relaxation which is known as the “Garden of delight”.

The curving road that that rises from the main gate is grown with plenty of colorful flowers giving a great start up towards the garden.  Hakgala is a hill country garden where lovely water lilies mingles through the cold fresh water, serene simplicity with the English roses dazzling in the cold breeze, endemic bright colorful orchids and some greenish ferns are just a few to mention out. Another one of the main eye catching point in the Hakgala garden are the trees which are making arts. Just like creating their individual drama’s each tree has twisted trunks, knotted trunks and mottled barks in varieties of colors, just looking at these wonders are something more than god up in heaven.  Walking along with these magical trees there are varieties of other trees which are well grown high towards the blue sky. The each and every tree grown in Hakgala Botanical garden is named inclusive of a small description regarding the nature and the values of the plant. For an example; Badulla tree is said to have lot of medicinal properties and it is one of a rare plant that can be found all over the Srilanka making it more valuable among the other trees grown in the garden.

The terraced rose garden full of English roses seemed to be the most attracting place among the garden. Inhaling the sweet fresh fragrance of these god made flowers can bring relaxation down earth near to our foot step.  Blooming in the bright colors of, reds, blues, purples, yellows, and oranges just works as the main key of attracting people towards it. But there is definitely more than the beauty and the smell of the bright colorful flowers. Meandering streamlets, boulders which blends with ponds making the home for varieties of colorful small fish species, Winding pathways, romantic rock garden makes the garden nothing but one of the best place in Srilanka to visit.

The seed room has been an inspiring and interesting place for the people who are into gardening and botanists. This is an ideal place where lot of valuable information can be gathered about various plants, planting methods, its benefits and just much more.

The Hakgala Botanical garden situated around more than 1700 meters above the sea level among the breath taking cold mountain range with a sub tropical cool fresh climate stretching across 28 hectares at the base of the Hakgala rock which is known as elephants jaw rock due to its unique shape. Each part of the garden is dedicated to various plants species with a magical beauty and a refreshing sweet smell coming out from each flower which blooms in the dew of every morning attracting uncountable number of visitors from all around the world each day.

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