A World heritage including Discover, Explore and Conserve” considered as a separate beautiful, silent and strange world!

When taking Horton plain national park into consideration the main view which flows into our mind is breathtaking views and beautiful creatures. Horton plains in Srilnaka is known as one of the most windiest and coldest location in Srilanka, covered with a wide variety of amazing ecosystem which includes grasslands,  green forests, marshy lands, aquatic ecosystems and much more. In the view of large number of fauna species, and unique flowering plants at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level and which spread across over 3,000 hectares of greenish land declared as a world heritage by UNESCO. Hortons plain is located in the central highland that spreads between Nuwaraeliya and Haputale. The platue of Horton plains located at the sourthern end of the central highland is consist with a network of rivers and channels such as; River Mahaweli, Walawe and Kelani. The climate of the Hortons plain is covered with humidity, and the average temperature falls around 5 celcius during day time along with a strong gale of wind. One of the main reasons that the Horton plain has been world wide recognized with over recordable amount of tourist visits are because of the ecological importance it holds. Since the rich biodiversity of Hortons plains is still unexplored it affords invaluable opportunities to those engaged on educational and research activities. The most frequent wildlife that can be seen on the Horton plains are the herds of Samber deer’s which is considered as a rare species all around the world adding more value to the Horton place. While talking about the wildlife in Horton plains how to forget about the friendly monkeys with thick blanket of fur roaming around such as, bear monkeys and toque monkeys. Long tailed giant squirrel are some of the other rare mammals found here.

In the other hand undoubtedly the most famous feature of Horton plains national park wonderland theoretically named World’s end. Fully covered in the mist it provides a dramatically view of the southern plate in the hill county. Covering with the gorgeous weather it consist of mini worlds end, great world’s end point and baker’s falls. This is of course a mind blowing location for hikers heading throughout a breathtaking beautiful path and crystal clear streams mender through the grassland dating small fishes which provides an unforgettable experience for every step taken towards the worlds end. Early in the morning magical booming calls of the purple place langurs echo across the park announcing the beginning of the day through the thick layer of mist.

The plains are also consisting of outstanding scenic beauty containing most of the habitats and valuable plants.  Conservation importance is one of the main point we have to talk about while taking Horton plains National park into consideration. The Great Horton plains was discovered in late 19 century and declared as an valuable national park which is home for nearly 20species of mammals, insects, aquatic animals and uncountable number of plants, while it offers a good opportunity for endemic birds in Srilanka in fact the Horton plains is regarded as one of the best birding sites in the country.

From the visitors center at the beginning of the Horton plain the main trek taking a circular route is full of an expansive view of flora, wooded cloud forest, patina grassland grown towards the plain. The Horton plains are known as the ever green forest and a place where number of unforgettable magical experience can be gained.