Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, mountains and seas, are excellent school masters that teach us more than we can ever learn from books

Meemure is a beautiful paradise situated in an isolated and prehistoric village which is best at calming down yourself along enjoying the evergreen window created inside your concentrated mind. Meemure is recognized as well nourished evergreen rain forest in Knuckles where the waterfalls start. Meemure is famous as a fascinating village located 324 meters above the sea level to Kandy district in central province of Srilanka. On the way towards the Meemure village, you will witness leftovers and monuments of ancient tea industries and a touch of Tamil cultural environment. Along the way you will meet up a place with a breath taking view near the Corbett gap, in which providing a clear view of Victoriya, Kandy and Hasalaka with a paranomic unforgettable view. While taking steps towards from this point you will meet up with a Knuckles rang office considered to be a place full of valuable educational information about the history of Meemure and the natural values of the Knuckles. After collecting all these information passing the Corbett gap then you will be able witness a path covered down with attractive pine estates and magnificent waterfalls while the misty tea estates brings an additional beauty towards them.  On the other hand you will witness area full of Cardamom cultivation which is considered as a preservation area.

Memmure is a valuable land owning an area of 700 acres nourished by eastern slopes of Knuckles which has been an important site for lot of animal species including, mammals, amphibians, recorded number of over 130 species of both endemic and migrant birds, in which among 20 of species are considered to nationally endanger. Along with the rich network of streams starting from the Knuckles, Meemure is blessed with plenty of wilderness range from low grassland semi forests to Montana forests.

However other than the natural beauty which attract travelers, the ancient history of Meemure also plays a main role in tourists attraction such as ; Lake gala located in north of Meemure is a mountain that has a unique pyramid shape and exciting mysterious look. Still up to the present day some of the archaeological monuments can be found including some caves with huge reservoirs mystifying the present technological techniques.

In the present Meemure has been the home for over 120 families with a population of more than 400. The unique architecture is a main identity of the Meemure village like making clay houses which are hundred present eco friendly that have the ability to last for around 40 to 50 years, and quirts walls has been the most famous out of all. This wall building technology cannot be seen anywhere in the world making it unique to Meemure. The main source of income towards the villagers are the paddy and pepper cultivation while some peasants use toddy, honey or jiggery palms to earn their daily living. Till 2004 pack bulls became the main source of transportation for the Meemure village, but to date the transportation and roads facilities has been developed for a pleasant exciting journey.

Out of all the above factors mentioned the most wonderful fact of attracting visitors are the two climate zones that can be experienced within a difference of less than ten minutes time. The highest rainfall to Meemure is recorded from the time of September to December making it bit difficult to enjoy the beauty of the nature while time period between March to September is clear with weather making it the best time for visiting Meemure the magical site of nature and prehistoric wonders.

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