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Being a part of the elephant corridor which joins up with Wasgamua and Kadulla Park, Minneriya national park also provides a great opportunity to see herds of elephants roaming through the park. Located more than 180 kilometers away from Colombo in the north central plains of Srilanka which covers an area of more than 8,000 hectares of topical area. The most famous period among travelers to visit Minneriya national park is between the periods of May to October in which you can witness the great gathering of the wild elephants. This sighting occurs has large herds of elephants from all the adjoining national parks will gather at the Minneriya national park and roam in order to find their food and water. This gathering is phenomenon unique to the Minneriya national park making it a grand spectacle only offered at Minneriya.

Due to the tropical dry climatic condition the grasslands, wetlands and small shrubs will be rarely found during the period of August and September each year during the dry season. However the Minneriya national park is full of old abandoned Chena lands currently covered with grasses and other wild plants.  Even though along with the dry climatic condition Minneriya national park holds it has been the habitat for number of  species other than the elephants, such as; Wild pigs, Purple faced monkeys dancing through the trees, wild Buffalos, Srilankan leopards, sloth bears and according to the records it has been the home for 24 species of mammals. Other than the mammals recorded in the Minneriya national park it is a best stay place for amphibians and reptiles including endemic and endangered species like,  slender wood frog and red – lipped lizard while mugger crocodiles can be seen near the Minneriya water reservoirs tank. In the other hand one birds watching has been a main reason for making Minneriya national park a place with tourists’ attraction with providing the stay for more than 150 species including endemic species and migrant birds such as, Green pigeon and jungle fowl in the highlights.

The Minneriya national park is close to three more wildlife parks providing best opportunity for wildlife safari’s including, Wasgomuwa national park, Kadulla national park and flood plains national park located within framed cultural triangle of Srilanka. While the Minneriya Giritale wewa considered as one of the biggest man made irrigation reservoir system mystifying the present technology is  located to the northern boundary of the park which seems incredible that man convinced and made reservoirs, the loveliest of lakes around, so rich in all that is beautiful and a true refuge from civilization. It is expression of the spirit of the ancient history over the great Sinhalese civilization.

Tourists visiting the Minneriya National park have afforded with the opportunity to enjoy  star class and eco friendly lodges and hotels located in the boundaries of the park, which helps to enjoy the exciting experience of the wildlife under luxury standard attracting facilities for all the local and international tourists. Out of all the wildlife experience that can be gathered from the Minneriya national park it has been one of most famous national park in Srilanka for wildlife geeks.

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