An Islands millennia Historic house accommodates our proud ancient cultural and historical unities!

Even though there are considerable number of museums in Srilanka, National Museum of Colombo is considered as a main museum solely the natural and ancient heritage. The Colombo museum was established in late 1877 by Sir William Henry Who was as the British governor of Srilanka at the time. Over the time authorities of the museum took various steps to display ancient and natural heritage of the country. After the development of the museum towards an international level now it is maintained by the department of national museum of the central government. This process has further been improved by the arrangement of galleries, ancient statues, paintings on a thematic basis.  The most special feature of the national museum which attract lot of tourists are; it is the house for number of rare and threatened plants and animal specimens which are under extinction category. There is a large collection of specimens such as, Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Fishes, Insects, geological rocks and wide varieties of plants. The skull of Megacerus giganteus (Elk) which its huge hors are displayed at the geological section of the museum, and the Heiyanthuduwe Raja (Giant Elephant) creates a great curiosity among the visitors. The national museum of Colombo is equipped with three main sections; cultural section, natural science section and the library. When taking the natural science section into consideration it also divided up mainly into four sub categories such as, Zoology, Botany section, Geology and Entomology.

Zoology section – This section mainly involves in faunal diversity of the country, it have main evidences to illustrate the faunal diversity.

Botany Section – This section consisted of data and specimens of more than thousand of plants collected from various natural forests in Srilanka, for an example; several fungi’s, flowering plants (angiosperms) and much more.

Geology Section – This section give priority to a valuable collection of ancient and modern fossils, soil types, minerals and prehistoric items.

Entomology Section – This section has been the home for number of dry mounted insects and preserved insect specimens which are stored in an orderly manner, while it consist of number of threatened species genealogy.

National Museum of Colombo contains a collection of ancient historical remains with a high value, including the thrones, crowns, and many other ancient exhibits which is expressing the exciting heroic Srilankan history towards the world. This has been an ideal place for gathering valuable knowledge of different categories under a one roof. The national museum of Colombo facilities libraries full of ethnological and Anthropological studies, cultural institutions, galleries dating back as far as centuries back and much more. Located in the heart of Colombo facing to Colombo 07 it has been considerably place which attracts tourists of both local and international without any hesitations.

Once you enter to this magical place A 9th century giant Buddha statue greets you with an enigmatic look that reminds us about the hysterical ancient technologies and developments used to build up the civilization. And mainly the National Museum of Colombo is the most famous home for wide variety of antique demons and masks representing a number of cultures brought forward by the Srilankan people.