Pinnawala, a place full of fun and excitement witnessing adorable elephants fondled and cared in the orphanage

Located around 90 kilometers from the Colombo, Pinnawala is a village situated in the district of Kegalle in Srilanka. Covered with an attractive scenery from thousands of thick greenish trees grown, subsidiaries of enchanting rivers flowing, dawning dazzling sky, wildlife, are major reasons of making this amazing site as one of a famous tourist’s destination in the present day.  Out of all these natural picture perfect sceneries built up upon the village Pinnawala is also well known for its elephant orphanage housing nearly so many elephants at such close of quarters. This amazing place housing numerous number of elephants is situated to the northwest of the town of Kegalle in Sabaragamuwa province of Srilanka, which is also considered to be halfway through the capital of Colombo and ancient gift deeded city of Kandy carrying up the heritage of this Island Srilanka.  On the other hand the Pinnawala elephant orphanage is the home for housing the largest herd of captive elephants in the world. Built up upon a natural habitat covered with a subsidiary of a river making it an accessible place to witness large numbers of these jumbos wondering around this amazing foster home.  According to the researched done on 2011 it stated that Pinnawala elephant orphanage is housing 88 elephants including 39 males, 49 females which has been successfully grown from three consecutive generations.  During different periods of the year the persistent drought has dried up number of villages all around the Island, in the present day which has become one of a major a reason for adorning the elephants while attempting to search for water. Each day there has been several reports of elephants falling into quarries and gem mining pits. In the other hand searching for foods from farms and cultivated crops has resulted on shootings by farmers forming these valuable animal species endangered.  Since recent years these reasons has been one of an arising conflicts built up in Srilanka.

The Pinnawala elephant orphanage was started on 1975 by the Srilankan department of wildlife conservation in the determination of providing care, sanctuary and feeding orphaned elephants that can be found on wild. The Pinnawala natural habitat is an area covering a coconut plantation of around 25 acres, located adjacent to the Maha Oya river flowing through massive rocks.  This massive elephant orphanage is consist of around 48 mahouts or elephant handlers who take care of these jumbos. All the elephants in the Pinnawala orphanage are kept in separate stalls which they are feed individually. However a very little amount of foods can be found from the orphanage premises such as grasses, therefore thousands of foods such as, jack fruit, coconut, and sugar palm are brought each day from outside. Most of the elephants in the Pinnawala orphanage are friendly and harmless to visitors which has been one of another reason for attracting hundreds of both local and foreign tourists each day. The Pinnawala orphanage is open daily allowing some time for the visitors to interact with the elephants during bathing and feeding times.  With this amazing natural habitat being located in Pinnawala in the present day it has become of a famous tourists destination in Srilanka. Surrounded by several well developed restaurants and hotels providing world class facilities has made the site of Pinnawala an unforgettable experience of life.

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