A Beautiful garden is a work of heart, created in the heaven. The Royal Botanical garden is considered as Heaven down on earth

Finest of its kind in Asia, Peradeniya Royal Botanical garden, the largest of the botanical gardens in Srilanka and couldn’t be better located than in the Mediterranean climate of Kandy at an attractive elevation of more than 500 meters above sea level, within the gateway to the central highlands. The peradeniya Botanical garden is a kind of a wonderland since where ever you walk in the garden, you will experience a refreshing nature event. The great vegetation, fresh flowers, exotic smells will obviously surprise the visitors. Once the new flowers are beginning to bloom, trees are bearing colorful fresh fruits, new birds, butterflies and colorful insects will fill the garden with collections of bright and colorful sceneries. The visitors will love to experience the new air that they can fill their lungs with while enjoying the Srilanka’s amazing natural environment. This cool and refreshing environment has an ability to attract tourists and provide them with s new enjoyable mind. The visitors are lucky enough to watch nearly 100 different species of birds which are unique and migrants. The garden is full of well-maintained lawns, fantastic river bank, huge bamboo trees, Collection of mind blowing flowers, fantastic river bank, and many more.

The vegetation is purely tropical, being characterized by plenty of bamboo’s buttress roots, giant palms, climbing trees; the Peradeniya Botanical garden has become an milestone towards the Srilankan wildlife conservation, butterfly conservation, Birds conservation, sustainability of the island and the biodiversity. Among all of the artistic natural trees there is an one more with giant leaves that can be easily recognized; Talipot Palms. It is considered as one of the most famous tree in the garden in which the flowers are bloom just once in a lifetime. In the center of the garden is an artificial lake with a wide range of water plants including giant water lilies and much more.

When entering to the garden, the main entrance runs a suspension bridge over the Mahaweli river. River drives branches off to a number of avenues such as; double coconut avenue, Palmyra palm avenue, cabbage palm avenue and cook’s pine avenue, On the right side of the entrance there you go to the spice garden which is full of many exotic and  valuable spices such as; pepper, cover and etc..

According to the researches done the total area given to the Botanical garden is 147 acres with an annual rainfall of around 200 days. As the garden is full of amazing medicinal plants, students both locally and internationally visitors in the intention of gathering further knowledge of these valuable plants. A sign board at the entrance, with a map, shows the directions featuring number of strategic points, where you can stroll easily the whole day. Every inch of the park is stuffed with a bewildering variety of local and foreign trees, plant species, inclusive of 4000 of labeled species.  One of a main eye catching adventurous in the Peradeniya Botanical garden is the Suspension bridge which falls across Mahaweli river that takes the visitors towards the tropical agriculture school at Gannoruwa Hill. Sounds like another exciting place to collect some valuable information! The agriculture school is a place where lot of researches are done on varieties of rice, crops, coffee, spices, tea and much more to mention. It has provided a valuable backseat support in its geographical, terrain and vegetation on the Peradeniya Botanical Garden. Last but not least the Peradeniya Botanical Garden has been a number one spot in our tropical island Srilanka as a calming and relaxing tourist attraction.