A word heritage considered as one of Asia’s richest treasure troves of both man made and medical

Sinharaja rain forest – A tropical rainforest known with a live heritage. Sinharaja forest is the most famous rainforest of the country. This forest with a very high proportion of biodiversity biosphere is considered as a world heritage site full of natural resources. According the researches out of conservation value Sinharaja rain forest is the final extensive lowland tropical rainforest in Srilanka. It has been the shelter for large number of endemic spices of plants and animals, with a wide variety of benefits to the human kind. This place has been one of the most famous place in Srilanka to watch birds such as; Grey Hornbill, Srilankan wood pigeon, Jungle fowl and much more, located geographically in the south west low land wet zone of Srilanka has been the main  reason for making it a home for most the bird species. According to the recent researches done it have more than 150 varieties of birds, such a high amount of varieties are possible because Sinharaja has various specific habitats that range for 300 to 1500 meters. Another interesting fact is that there are different grouping of birds species found at the different levels of the forest.  Other than the birds it has been the home for most of other animals such as, Leopards, Mouse deer, Jackal, flying squirrels, monkeys and wild boar for over centuries. There are records of more than 20 species of snakes found in the Sinharaja forest including the Python and more than five species of lizards which some are considered as endangered species. Even though evidences exits that Sinharaja Rain forest has been home land for elephants now the count has merely gone down, in which a few can be spotted on the Rakwana side of the forest closer to Handapan Ella.

Sinharaja rain forest consist many layers of forest like canopy, sub canopy, under storey, shrub layer and the ground layer with plenty of vegetations such as; parasites, stranglers and much more. The canopy is covered with well richly grown trees with a height to around 50 meters.  Other than the rich natural resources it holds one of the main points for attracting tourists are Neluwa Duwili Ella and Thattu Ella located inside the forest. This is one of the main reason making the forest very humid and it is a noticeable fact that the animals and plants live here are having similarities to those found in African and south eastern islands. There are variety of plants knowing to benefit to man found in Sinharaja rainforest such as; Palm Kithul, Cardamom, and much more used for medicinal and other day today purposes by the villagers.

According to the meteorological records Sinharaja has an annual rainfall ranges from 3000mm to 5000mm and a temperature that range from 19 – 30 Celsius, making it to a combination of favorable climatic condition a rich diverse soil where most the nutrients are locked up making it one of the best place for the growth of a rich plantation and animal species. The forest steeped in deep legend and mystery. The Sinharaja forest is initially declared a biosphere reserve evergreen ecosystem in Srilanka making it one of a most famous tourist destination for people who are keen on nature and its natural resources.