Warm friendly and fabulous spectacular environment with an exciting wildlife scenery

Udawalawe national park is widely famous for its elephant’s population in which Udawalawe is the only place that can guarantee witnessing elephants in every step towards the national park. Udawalawe is a national park that stretches around more than 300 square kilometers which roughly around 30,000 hectares in the count. Located in the southern dry land zone it draws it water from Horton plains reserve making water to be a rare resource during the dry seasons. According to the recent researches done there are around 500 to 700 elephants making Udawalawe as their home place.  In the present day elephants are considered as endangered species which lives in the Asian counter parts, making Udawalawe national park a conservation area protecting these valuable endangered species. One of the usual sight in Udawalawe national park are the herds of marvelous Asian elephants who gather to drink water in their unique natural habitat.

Apart from elephants the Udawalawe national park have number of other aspects which attract both local and international visitors to this national park. Udawalawe is a national park consist of different habitats under different diversities, therefore it has been the home for most of other animals such as; Wild boar, Spotted deer, Leopards, water buffalo’s Golden jackal, Srilankan axis deer, Sambar deer, rusty spotted cat and much more.  With so much of exciting factors roaming within the Udawalawe national park what is worth more than having a thrilling safari which provides you the best opportunity to get closer to the wildlife more than you ever imagined of.

Thinking of magical wildlife this island is abundance with birding safari is another main point in the Udawalwe national park that will never leave you disappointing about. The Udawalawe national park located in the boundary of sabaragamuwa province makes it an ideal place for lot of migratory birds who visits Srilanka in the season of December searching for a warmer comfortable habitat. The Udawalawe national park has been the home for more than 150 species of birds which is consider as a significant amount in which the birds can live through a habitat. It also includes a mixture of endemic birds such as;   Brown capped Babbler, Jungle fowl, a great mix of warblers, low country birds and much more to mention. What is more needed when taking a closer photographs of these mysterious rare birds are just in hand distance at the Udawalawe national park. The Udawalawe national park contains few waterholes which has been a clear habitat for water animals like, Crocodiles, Water monitors and other amphibians who lives throughout dry areas.

The temperature of the Udawalawe nationalpark is quite high all over the year making it a dry habitat for most of the animals and plants living there. The forest canopy of the Udawalawe national park has been destroyed due to the high temperature making it difficult for grassland and scrub to be grown in a rich manner. According to the meteorological reports the driest season of the Udawalawe national park is recorded between the times of May to September which is considered as the best time for wildlife safaris making it easily possible to witness the exciting herds of elephants who come out in search of water. A single day of safari at the Udawalawe national park can make thousands of unfading thrilling and exciting memories and a unique touch of adventure throughout your lifetime.

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