“The highest density of leopards in the world” A wild and untamed Srilankan filled with natural wonders!

Yala more affectionately known as Ruhunu National park has been the most celebrated wildlife park in Srilanka for over centuries with quiet a story in itself. It is located in a track of land covering approximately 1260 Km2, between the areas of Kumbukkan river and Menik river, and shares its borders with strict nature reserves of Kumana, Katagamuwa, Katharagama and Nimalawa sanctuaries. The most ideal place to spot the big four of Srilankan wildlife is Yala, the elephants, sloth bears, wild buffalo’s, exciting leopards, the unsung denizen of the park, is journey of nothing else dangerous to the extreme. Herds of roaming elephants can be seen easily during the dry spells at the small scale reservoirs like Mahaseelawa and Butuwe, while Uraniya is best known for its wild buffalo, mash crocodiles and salt water crocodiles, while sloth bear is more of solitary animal sightings tend to be seasonal in the habitat.

The Srilankan leopard known as “The Prince of Dusk” considered as the apex predator in Yala National park and most versatile of all in adaptability on earth perhaps the most famous inhabitant of Srilanka. According to recent studies Srilankan leopard is known to be the biggest of the eight known species of leopard’s world over. Due to lack of any other predator’s presence to challenge its domain, Leopards are easier to spot in Srilanka than in other countries. Should you witness a kill on a leopard safari? Quite often the prey is larger than the leopard, which really gives a insight into how powerful these animals really are.

Yala national park is considered as the most visited place out of national parks in Srilanka, where the park consists of five blocks, two of which are now open to public. Each block is consist of individual names such as; Kumana National park, Ruhunu National park, or Yala East which adjoining the Uva Province. There are six national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity of Yala, Lunugamvehera national park is the largest among the above.  These parks is best known for its variety of wild animals which plays a major role in conservation of Srilankan Leopards, Elephants, Aquatic life and its unique birds.

The area around Yala National park has been the home for most of the ancient civilizations in the Srilankan history. The most two important pilgrim sites are Magul Vihara and Sithulpawwa which is situated within the park. One of the main reasons for attracting visitors towards the Yala national park is that the Semi arid and dry with scrub jungle unique to this area along with rocky outcrops, while several fresh and brackish water lagoons dot the park. It holds a variety of ecosystems ranging from fresh water monsoon forests and marine wetlands. It has the highest number of important birds recorded from all around the world. The ideal time considered to explore this vast nature reserve is during the dawn and the fall of the dusk where you can enjoy a diversity if wildlife along with a exciting Safari. It is more adventurous as it involves several river crossings, Safari Game Drives which provides capability to venture deep inside the wilderness.

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