The view of the white water cascades down from Bambarakanda waterfall throughout a series of rocky outcrops is a prefect picture drawn in front of our eyes in reality beyond the imagination

The mountains of Srilanka abound with waterfalls brings an unmentionable exquisite beauty to our home country. Bambarakale Falls which is also known as the famous Bambarakanda falls is considered as the tallest waterfall in srilanka with a height of more than 263 meters which also ranks as the 299th tallest waterfall in the world. Situated in Kalupahana in the Badulla district near south eastern slopes of central hill which attracts number of tourists each year for its unique natural beauty it holds. The Bambarakanda waterfall is covered with a most scenic range of mountains such as; Gommoli kanda, Wangedigala and Balathoduwa which has been one of the most famous place for the hikers.  This amazing waterfall is formed by Kuda Oya, which is known as a branch of Walawe River. Through the central hills of Srilanka the Bambarakanda waterfall can be found within a thick forest of pine trees and also the area around the Bambarakanda falls is rich with tea fields, amazing scenic beauty, rugged terrain, cool climate, fresh air and other than the words this is an idea destination for travelers willing to enjoy their lives closer to this wonderful nature.

Other than hiking being a major point of attracting tourists towards the Bambarakanda water fall natural bathing is also another major fact of tourist attraction. Consisting of Cool bath natural pools on the top and the bottom, covered with mighty rocks around is providing relaxation at the feet from heaven. Among all of these one of the most interesting fact is that you can bath directly under the highest waterfall in Srilanka and also on the top of the waterfall too which will provide an exciting refreshing journey towards the top of the fall. The base pool of Bambarakanda falls contains water which are crystal clear and purity in its maximum.  In the other hand having a warm cup of tea watching the sunrise in the morning, faded with different amazing colors of shades reflection, is a true beauty of nature beyond the eternity.

According to the recent research records the best time to visit the Bambarakanda waterfall are during march and may with a least record of rain making it safe and easier for travelers to enjoy a plentiful of their experience on their hand. The weather in this area is quite dynamic covered with thick cold mist which has become not an uncommon feature in the evening.

Out of all the accommodation hotels and lodges around this area The Bambarakanda rest is one of the most famous places for having great experience closer to the falls enjoying the ice cold fresh air from the Bambarakanda falls. Even the basic facilities and breath taking view when opening the window has make it the most frequent used accommodation option in Bambarakanda. The Bambarakanda waterfall gushing over the cold freezing rocks, while thundering down into the crystal clear pool of water like gigantic water sprout adding an enchanting look in the waterfall.  The Bambarakanda waterfall looks like a blue velvour as it swished down towards the earth, while all of these natural sources make the Bambarakanda waterfall one of the most famous waterfall in Srilanka it also considered to be the highest of all.

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