Nature is not a place to visit, but it’s the home. It’s the home for thousands of amazing natural wonders like Devon Falls

Srilanka known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a mysterious tourist’s paradise blessed with crystal clear blue waters, sunny magical beaches, stunning lakes, river and magnificent waterfalls. Devons falls of Srilanka is another magical place with beautiful scenery out of numerous waterfalls in Srilanka situated in the central highland Thalawakale in between 20 miles distance from Hatton. The Devon falls lies in the height of 98 meters making it a complement of natural beauty in Srilanka in an elevation of above 1159 meters above sea level and being the 19th highest of the island.  The Devon waterfall occupies a superb location in a wide open space which makes the waterfall looks more gigantic and it is considered as one of the most spectacular waterfall in Srilanka due to its clear view from popular Hatton Nuwaraeliya road. Almost everyone who travels on this road will not hesitate to take a little break enjoying the view of the waterfall before continuing their journey while on the other side of the road is the Mlesna tea center which will give you a memorable experience of enjoying a warm cup of Srilankan tea in front of a cold  beautiful waterfall.

For the visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of the Devon waterfall at the foot step can be reached through a close plantation full of greenish grassland covered with cold dewdrops which makes it an additional beautiful scenario. Like all the other waterfalls, the Devon waterfall will also allow travelers to experience the soothing and refreshing spray of cold water reaching their face which is shot out in all directions. On the way to witness the Devon waterfall you will reach few Kovil’s which is been worshiped by Tamil population living surrounding the waterfall in which you can experience a touch of cultural effect while enjoying the natural wonders.

However the Devon falls is covered with lot of eco lodges and hotels which provides accommodation for tourists who wants to enjoy the experience of the Devon falls at their window. Move over enjoying the cold fresh water touching the skin witnessing wide range herds of monkeys are most famous among both local and international visitors, and getting closer photographs of both are just at the finger tip. Devon falls has a interesting history of how its name came from, The Devon falls has got its name after a British planter called “Devon” who was once a most famous and successful Coffee planter in Srilanka near the Devon fall in which he plays a major part in planting coffee in Srilanka prior to tea plantation. However over the time coffee plantation has been fail with the rapid increasing of tea production. Among several routes for visiting Devon fall the best option is to follow the Thalawakale through Nanuoya Nuwaraeliya road which will allow you to visit both Devon and St.Clairs waterfall including memorable visits to bungalows, tea estates and tea factories in which we can experience the technologies and procedures used to make tea other than enjoying the magical crystal clear Devon waterfall at the sight.

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