The Diyaluma Ella falls is the third highest waterfall in Srilanka

The Diyaluma Ella falls is the third highest waterfall in Srilanka, with a height of more than over 170 meters and with an amazing scenery of beauty of water dazzling along with the wind. Located in Koslanda of Badulla district on Colombo Badulla highway adding an unforgettable view of natural beauty for all the visitors travelling along this way.  Being situated 19 kilometers away from the Wellawaya town the Diyaluma falls is really closer to the main road that even the misty drops of water from the waterfall is reachable to the main Colombo – Badulla road. According to the view of majority of visitors the Diyaluma Ella falls has been considered as the most beautiful waterfall in Srilanka because of its dramatic cascade descends from Poongala Rock in the southern escape of the central highland making it one of an unforgettable sight for the lifetime. Its enchanting cold fresh water sprays have been able to caught the heart of both local and foreign tourists without any hesitation. However other than the natural beauty of the Diyaluma Ella waterfall holds there are some other physical factors affecting the visitors such as; famous tea estates, cultural Hindu temples, attractive mountain ranges used for hiking are just a few to mention.

The Diyaluma a towering waterfall has an epic story of its history which tells us about a King who has fallen in love with a young women belonging to a tribe of lower caste, however the affair enraged the kings family and his lover decided to flee over the fall and it is said to be that the tears shed by the king resulted in the formation of the waterfall. Out of the magical lovers story it holds the Diyaluma Ella waterfall is scientifically said to be a result of the formation of water throughout the mountain plains. Over these epic historical stories build up over the Diyaluma Ella fall it has been a place full of mysterious even to the present day.

The enchanting Diyaluma Ella waterfall is an area rich in deciduous plants and endemic wildlife making it the home for hundreds of species. Along with the water and the humidity received from the fall have given a unique view of the growth of greenish grassland valley. Climbing up towards the top of the Diyaluma Ella waterfall has been one of the famous adventure among lot of both local and foreign tourists which this area is considered to be an ideal place for trekking and hiking. Along with the small water fountains and natural water reservoirs has make it much more easier to enjoy the adventure towards the summit of the mountain valley and witnessing the breath taking view of the Diyaluma Ella waterfall from its top. However due to the humidity around the waterfall has make the seeped valley slippery making it a thrilling adventure among most of the travelers. The base of the Diyaluma Ella waterfall is full of small cafeterias, restaurants, boutiques, and small rest houses providing an ideal escape for visitors who needs to enjoy the view of this amazing soothing waterfall and the relaxation it brings to us on their door step making it an unforgettable natural experience throughout the life time.

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