A place full of magical history, and epic pre historic evidances which represent an amazing ancient story closure with our mother nature

Ravana falls is another magnificent waterfall in Srilanka situated in the central highland of Badulla district. Located in the main road of Bandarawela and Wellawaya road making it one of the most beautiful waterfall in Srilanka visible from the main road, with a height of around 25 meters and a cascade from an oval shape concave rock outcrop.  When you travel along the way none of the travelers will hesitate to take a break viewing a beautiful fresh beautiful waterfall on the way. Even though the main drop of the waterfall is at the height of 30 feet from the top, its wide fall and water rushes down through different stages adding it a breathtaking beauty and soothing relaxation.

Other the natural beauty hold by the Ravana falls it also holds an epic ancient story “Ramayanaya” of India and Srilanka, without a special reason the name it holds is said to be that King Ravana, an ancient king who ruled Srilanka had brought princess Sitha from India and hidden her in the caves located behind this amazing waterfall. It is said to be at that time the caves were surrounded with thick forests in the midst of wilderness. Up to the present day it is considered with a small pool of water which is believed that princess Sitha used to bath in the pool accumulated the water falls from this waterfalls. Being one of a famous sightseeing attraction in Srilanka Ravana falls have number of valuable places related to its legend like; Dova temple and Ravana cave temple. The excavations undertaken in the cave have discovered evidences that the place had been inhabited by human dating back to around 25,000 of years ago. Middle of the Ravana falls is an amazing tunnel connected with an identical tunnel in the Dova temple, in which some legendaries says that this tunnel has been used for its protection of the caves located behind the waterfall. However these tunnels are not open for visitors in the present in the aim of protecting the valuable ancient history.  Near the Ravana falls there is a bridge, consisting beautiful boutiques and cafeterias providing facilities for tourists who visit this falls.

The famous Ravana falls like in an elevation of 4500 meters above the sea level in the foundation of the Uva cliff, the beauty of the falls lies in the fact that it is located against the strikingly beautiful backdrop of central highlands mountains and valleys.  This place is quite and calming making it a best place for relaxation.

During the wet season the waterfall turns into what it is said to be resemble an area flower with withering petals.  Even though it is said in the legends it is not the circumstance during dry season, where the flow of water dramatically reduces and the wide size of the waterfall will also decreases along with it. With all its legendary stories, natural sources, scarred places and mainly the breath taking view it holds the Ravana Falls has become one of a most famous tourists destination  in Srilanka which provides a memorable view along with a soothing relaxation from the top to the bottom of the foot.

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