Water is precious, Out of all the Saint Clairs waterfall known to be a wonderland created by the God

Considered as the widest waterfall in Srilanka, St.Claris is famous for its unimaginable beauty which cascades over three rock outcrops into a massive pool of crystal clear cold fresh water. Located among the tea gardens, in which most conveniently seen by the travelers who pass the Hatton – Thalawakale road in the Nuwaraeliya district. Carrying a large volume of water with a recorded height of over 80 meters which runs over rock ledges, divides into three cascades, and plunges down creating an epic view of misty veils with a breathtaking view of natural beauty. This magical waterfall flows between green sloping hills covered with deep mist in the midst of tea plantations in Srilanka’s famous hill country located near Saint Claris tea estate in which the name of the waterfall has been born with. Nested in grassy green hills the St.Clairs waterfall is said as the “Nayagara” of Srilanka or “King of waterfalls” because of its stunning beauty and the natural habitat surrounding it. Fall situated just 500 meters away from the road making it close enough for you to touch the freezing coldwater just in the hand distance, in which there is a little path down through tea bushes at a steep gradient that takes you to experience the magical view of a great waterfall in Srilanka.

St.Clairs waterfall divided mainly into three falls known to be; Maha Ella situated in the Kotmale Oya while other two smaller falls like Kuda Ella is situated on a branch of the Kotmale Oya. The Kuda Ella is the most visible waterfall from the main road that can be clearly seen near the 90 kilometer post on the Hatton – Nuwaraeliya road.  All there falls are located on the Kothmale river with a huge supply of continuous flow of water which increases the beauty and the demand of the waterfall. Other than enjoying the soothing natural beauty of this amazing waterfall enjoying a warm cup of tea from the tea estates nearby is something you should not leave without experiencing. The St.Clairs waterfall located on the central highlands in the city Thalawakale close to Nuwaraeliya is consist of a wonderful cool and relaxing climate condition providing the best backdrop picture for the waterfall among the misty mountain ranges. None of the travelers will hesitate to take a break along their journey at the point of this magical waterfall.

Among all of these valuable natural features holds by the St.Clairs waterfall, in the present day the glory of this waterfall has been threatened by the Kotmale hydro power project limiting the continuous flow of water from the Kotmale River. Many environmentalist and nature reserving groups is currently working towards protecting these valuable so beauties gifted by the Mother Nature for our future generations.  Did you ever know that the St.Clairs falls is the most photographed waterfall in Srilanka? Yes it is, according to a recent researches that has been done it has been the most famous waterfall for its photographs. Either way exploring this beautiful and magical waterfall will be a memorable souvenir among all the travelers.

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